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  • Checkout pages confusing

    None of the checkout pages really give us what need. Is there any way to suggest fixes?

    The easy page limits the number of questions which is inconvenient and is confusing when referring to the periodicity for recurring payments it says "Divide my payment into: [box] Pay $0.00 every...". We have already been told this is confusing because it does not say "payments" or "periods" after the box (so if it was fixed it would read "Divide my payment into: [box] periods. Pay $0.00 every...". Also if we have amounts greater than three characters long (for example $1,000 the radio button split into two lines so that the $ would be on one line and the 1,000 would be on another line. That is just very tacky.

    The advanced page is not really meant for donations but gives us more options for questions. However, because the choose your periodicity is on one page and the where to choose the number of periods is on the second page many donors have been confused and refused to make recurring donations.

    And the widget on Connect (which I address on that forum) does not have a place to list a periodicity or start or end date and will also confuse our donors.

    How do we get one or any of these fixed? And how long before that could happen?

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    Good day @ndlugajczyk

    The checkout pages you are using is a legacy forms and as such not as flexible. As said in the other post, we have a release of Connect 2.0 in which you will be able to do a lot more. Our current ETA is September 15.

    You may want to review the recorded Webinar:
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      Thank you so much.