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Page posting to CnP, but Declining consistently

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  • Page posting to CnP, but Declining consistently

    We have a donation form posting to the CnP API. It is successfully getting to CnP, but all users with all cc's are getting the decline page.
    This is a page that has worked in the past.
    How do we debug the page? How do we see what the error was from the CnP / merchant account side?
    On the connect no transactions are coming in as "declined".
    The page has "OrderMode="Production".

    Thanks in advance,
    Yaakov Singer

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    Good day!

    "Decline" is really a matter of what page you are directing the patron to. We have seen people point people to the DeclineURL for error and so the user thinks it is a decline.

    If there is a syntax error for posting or some other error exists that makes the transaction invalid based on it syntax we will return the error in the URL - depending your post method, GET or POST.

    Are you able to duplicate the decline? Have you checked the URL?

    Please send us the URL to the form so we can review. In the post you did not include your link.
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      The page is

      The parameter being passed is the id to a record from a custom object (TourApplication).
      I ran some reports and clarified the situation.
      The page works. We have received new transactions into the system today.
      What is difficult to understand is why so many normal, US-based credit cards are being declined.
      The questions become
      a. what are the current settings as far as CnP or the merchant bank checking the card?
      b. how do we update those settings (online screen, call to merchant bank, other)?

      We need to have more vision into the process and more control of it. We have a POS event in 10 days, and I have to ensure that cards will authorize properly.

      Thanks for you help,


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        Good day!

        Are you seeing these declines in your report?

        If you see them in the report then you should also be able to see the Decline Reason as posted back by the issuing bank.

        If you are not seeing them in the report then your form has an issue and the end user is seeing an error.

        The decline reason is part of the custom reports and is a column you may add for it.

        I reviewed your account and looked at today's declines- there is one with the response from the bank: "Do Not Honor" - this error typically means the bank does not honor the card, either no limit or the card is no longer valid, e.g. closed.

        This month's declines are:
        • Do Not Honor
        • Invalid Account Number
        • Invalid CVV2
        • Donor Not Honor
        • Security violation (source is not correct issuer)

        To download the report with decline reason please go to the Portal > Reports and create a custom report. The Decline reason is a variable:
        Click image for larger version

Name:	2521-DeclineReason.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	124.2 KB
ID:	15718

        The report shows you exactly what the bank responds to us.

        I hope that answers the question. Let us know if we can be of any further assistance.
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          We are receiving a Decline Reason of "Invalid CVV2".
          What are the possible reasons that it can be received?
          Is there any other reason than that the number from the back of the credit card is inaccurate?


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            Good day!

            Invalid CV2 is the response returned by the issuing bank. As the message implies the card holder has put an invalid 3 digit code which is on the back of the card.

            Please note that we simply report what the issuing bank reports back to us.

            Hope that answers your question.
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