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5001 General Decline - Intermittent Error Code

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  • 5001 General Decline - Intermittent Error Code

    Hello, have been working on standing up a new foundation website. The final site is We have been working with a 3rd party consulting firm, who were commissioned to create a form, designed to our specs with standard and custom fields. They were unable to do so to our specs, so we opted to build the form ourselves using your API (PaaS). The form was processing fine until February 18. We were able to see the transactions in sales force, all the fields, including the custom fields were finding their way into SalesForce. Then on the 18th all transactions were returning a 5001 General Decline error. Then from Feb19th until now all transactions we tried were processing fine. Now as of March 13, we are receiving a 5001 General Decline error when trying to make a donation on cards and input data that was exactly the same before when the transactions were processing. Our 3rd party cannot help, we tried to post a support ticket and we were referred here. We have been unable to get in touch with a contact a Click and Pledge and we are struggling to find a solution for almost a month now. Can anyone help? If so, please inform what the next step should be.

    Donation form can be found here:

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    Good day!

    Sorry for the trouble you are having. Our support department cannot answer questions regarding custom code. They only support regular questions regarding our forms, etc. The form you are discussing here is a custom program and as such our developers need to review it. Developers monitor the forum.

    I reviewed your code but am unable to see a couple of important lines of code as they are hidden in the site:

    <form action="/sanitize" id="donate" method="post">

    Your form action is going through /sanitize page so not possible to review.

    As for donations you are indicating are being declined. I reviewed your account and noticed that while some payments are being processed without issues some are showing up as invalid amount.

    Tonya M*: 2/24/2015 - Invalid amount - the data posted shows $0 being posted to the live server. -- 3 transactions were posted in production with $0

    on March 6 and 13 there are 3 transactions that have gone through for $10 by Justin B***, Tonya M***, and Cecilia R.

    The one done by Tonya M** on 3/13 was declined by the bank.

    It seems like some of these transactions were done during the development. I don't see any other issues with transactions that have posted to us. I reviewed account # 30512

    If you are seeing an error that we are not seeing it means the post has problem and as such it is returning error and not being saved. In such cases the URL will include the entire error message.

    Please do your test and if you see an error copy and paste the URL here. The parameters in the URL will tell you what the error is. If an ill-formed post hits our server it will be rejected for security reasons.

    Please let us know if you learn something new about this error.
    Click & Pledge Support Department

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      Thank you so much for you reply. I appreciate your time and effort in trying to help us.

      RE: The one done by Tonya M** on 3/13 was declined by the bank.

      I called the bank and they informed me that the transaction was declined because the expiration date was incorrect. It seems as though you do not return a specific error for that item, so the 5001 General Decline should have been what we saw, which is exactly what we saw.

      So my issue seems to have been user error in this case.

      I will continue looking at the other failed transactions that did not post to see if there truly is another issue worth troubling you about. or if it is more user error. Thank you again.


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        Good day!

        A lot of banks do NOT post the reason for decline and return a general decline message. This is for security reasons- hackers, knowing the reason for the decline, will try with variations on the information.

        We return what the gateway sends us with no change.

        Decline reasons are posted in the report. If you login to Connect and find the transaction the actual gateway response is included with the transaction.

        Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.
        Click & Pledge Support Department

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