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Unable to Process Payment in Virtual Terminal with CCV

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  • Unable to Process Payment in Virtual Terminal with CCV


    I have been unable to process a customer's card in the virtual terminal with a CCV code of 000. The customer claims that they have successfully used this card with this code without issue but, when I enter 000 into the virtual terminal, it registers as "invalid number." Can you look into this? The customer would like to make a donation with this card specifically.

    Additionally, I'm not sure if this should be a separate post but, my supervisor does not receive email receipts for recurring donations from C&P despite being listed as the account under "Email Notifications" in C&P Settings. I'm not sure why only recurring donations would not be reaching her but, any thoughts on how I can fix that? My email address is also listed there and I receive all receipts without error.
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    Good day!

    We have confirmed that the portal virtual terminal does not accept 000 as CV2. The virtual terminal in Portal will retire soon so please use the Virtual Terminal in Connect ( - click on the login for organization and use the same UserID & Password as the portal.

    The Connect platform is the new generation of our application and all features in the Portal are being ported to it. You may also start using Connect for all your fundraising.

    There are a number of videos and KB articles for review:

    The Virtual Terminal in Connect will work with 000 as the CV2.

    As for the email- I reviewed your account and noticed that you had entered a carriage return in the email field. All emails should ONLY be separated by a semicolon and not enter or any other characters. I fixed it for you.

    Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.
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