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C&P Charging Wrong Amount/Disconnected from Salesforce

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  • CnP.Support
    Good day!

    By premiere support you mean Click & Pledge premiere support or Salesforce?

    This is a Salesforce issue and not one that we have control over.

    Let me know your form's address so we can see why $1000 donation is being processed.

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  • ITDP
    Hi Support -

    I spoke with someone in Premier support this morning and he seemed unable of how to fix the issue. He created a ticket for the Request Limit error, but I've heard no answer, and I'm anxious to resolve the issue before being away for the holidays. Should I contact Sales about purchasing more API calls?

    I'll ask our IT dept. about the form and post that soon.

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  • CnP.Support
    Good day!

    May I ask what form you are using - naturally the wrong amount is a serious issue but I can't imagine any of our forms doing this as it would have flooded our support lines. Please send us the link to your form so we can review it.

    As for Salesforce- it seems like you have ran out of API calls. The error is telling you what is going on. You may need to contact Salesforce & purchase additional API calls.

    Salesforce has a limit on the # of API calls on a monthly basis. Have you contacted SF?

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  • C&P Charging Wrong Amount/Disconnected from Salesforce

    I have two possibly related issues that Support told me to post here. First, I've had at least 3 donors in the past 2 weeks give various amount of money on our website that is then processed as $1000 each time by C&P, despite them entering different amounts. Today, while doing a test donation to troubleshoot the issue, I received this email:


    Salesforce Connection FailureSorry but we are having problem communicating with your Salesforce account using the provided credentials.
    Your Click & Pledge - Salesforce integration has been disabled to avoid further errors & notifications. Please resolve the following error and re-enable the Salesforce integration in the administrative portal.
    Account Information:
    • Click & Pledge account name: Institute for Transportation & Development Policy
    • Click & Pledge account #: 25957
    • Salesforce Organization ID: -
    • UserID: -
    The error being reported is:If you have any questions please give us a call at 866.999.2542 or email us


    This is a pretty major problem since it's a big donation time of year, and our donors are no longer being recorded or receiving confirmation from Salesforce. Can someone help me figure out how to reconnect SF to C&P, ASAP? Thank you!