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  • PaaS - Thank you page redirect

    The thank you pages for our donations are being redirected to CnP pages such as this:

    Why is this happening? We have custom thank you and donation declined pages set up already. We need to resolve this ASAP! Thank you!
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    Good day!

    There is absolutely no way for us to know the issue when we don't know what the form looks like.

    Please post the URL to the form so we can review your code.

    The OnSuccessURL, OnDeclineURL, and OnErrorURL have to be complete URL's that we redirect to. If I were to simply guess as to the issue it seems like you are using the page names and not the complete URL.

    OnSuccessURL = ""

    It seems like you are posting to:

    OnSuccessURL = "authorize.html"

    Remember that we are posting to a site and if you are using the page name (relative URL) then we use the posted URL and append it to the URL we know which in this case is https://faas...

    This is just a guess. If you wish for us to review your code then please post the link to the form so we can review your form.

    Let us know if we can be of more help.
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