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  • Regarding hold Payment

    Hello Sir,......
    1. How do i get to know that the transaction is set to put on hold from the response data..?
    2. To process a hold transaction whether i need to re-enter the full cart detail once again or is their any shortcut available to process a hold transaction using only order number and vaultGUID...?

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    I'm explaining my problem once again.
    1. Yesterday i passed my xml code containing full cart detail whose transaction type is Authorize to set the transaction on hold.
    2. When i process that transaction with full cart detail, order number, vault guid and transaction type is Payment to process the hold transaction the transaction is getting success
    3. But today when i am doing the same thing i am getting the result code is 5001 and result data is Decline.
    i'd read about 5001 response code that occur due to general decline by the bank. but i'm using it for testing with 41111111111111111 this demo card.
    now tell me how to solve this problem.
    and is their any method to process the hold transaction using transaction number and vault guid only...