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Transactions not getting logged to SalesForce

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  • Transactions not getting logged to SalesForce

    We have two transactions that we can see in Click&Pledge reports, that we don't see in SalesForce. Basically, donation records weren't set up for these transactions. We can see the transaction record in SalesForce, but that's it. The first transaction is this one:


    The second transactions:

    were for one donation, that looks like it was double charged, when you run the report though Click&Pledge. But, when I try to issue a refund, only one transaction comes up. Plus, only one donation record was created in SalesForce. Did we actually charge this customer twice? Because it's in the report twice, it can't make our SalesForce report match our Click&Pledge report.

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    Good day!

    14913104555884661 - Processed successfully

    The second transactions:
    1409270728181254398 - shows as voided
    1409270728206154398 - shows as settled

    I am not sure what you mean by having Transactions & not opportunities.

    Please check the C&P Data tab and see what the status is. is it set to 0 or 1?

    Review the C&P Data & see if any error has occurred in trying to create opportunities.

    If you wish for us to review these transactions please grant us access and we will review them.
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      I may need to discuss this on the phone with someone, because I can't seem to explain it clearly in the forum. I am still seeing the same problem. The first one, I do see the transaction go through in the Click and Pledge Report, but a Donation/Funding record was not created. So, when I look at his donations for the year in SalesForce, his 9/13/14 donation isn't in the report. The second donation from Julio is not in SalesForce, which is correct. But, when I run the September report in Click & Pledge it shown with a donation amount. We run that report and compare to a report in SalesForce to make sure all donations were properly logged.

      It looks like C&P ( incorrectly is reporting two donations from Julio, when one was actually rejected and correctly reports the one from Curt, that wasn't added correctly to SalesForce in the Donation/Funding section.

      I can give you access to the account, but I don't know how. Thank You.