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  • Possible blacklisted patrons

    I have several people receiving declines. Here are the names and last 4 of card number:

    Jim F. 9957
    Katrina S. 9348
    Alisha D. (?)
    Gilbert K. 8478

    Our account number is 28197.

    Please help me understand the reason for these declined transactions. None appear in the C&P Portal nor in Salesforce.

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    Good day!

    Sorry for the late reply.

    Jim: The IP of the computer and the country that has issued the card don't match. While this is not the main reason but several other minor attributes has pushed it to be blocked.
    Katrina: Same as above
    Alisha: repeated attempts with 4 cards changing IP address in the middle. Each time the score has increased and the distance between the location and billing address is more than average
    Gilbert: Invalid amount (seems like you have posted an amount which is not a valid number) - Please check make sure you are posting the currency symbol with the posted amount.

    We are currently reviewing all false positives and reorganizing our fraud formula to reduce the false positives. Recently nonprofits are under heavier than usual attack considering the latest compromise at Home Depot with more than 50M cards compromised. These cards are typically tested through nonprofit sites and as a result our filters are tightened a bit blocking such attempts.

    We apologize for the inconvenience but we are all fighting the same battle. Our role is to protect you against such attacks and since the pattern recognition is not completely a black & white logic, a few good cards are declined since they mimic the behavior of attackers. As we are modifying the algorithm we are on the lookout of false positives and will ensure they are removed from our blacklist as quickly as possible.

    All the above cards are now removed and they may try again.
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      Thank you. I do understand the nature of the problem, which makes it all the more inconvenient to not have detailed transaction information readily available.