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    Kami: Very interesting conversation today about processing checks through fundraiser page. This got me to thinking: If one of our fundraisers holds a coffee event at their home, and encourages people to donate via credit card, and has their donation page open on a laptop or tablet at the event, will the fraud alert be triggered if multiple credit cards are going through the same device in rapid succession? Should each donor be encouraged to use their own phone to process their donation?

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    We monitor the IP so the laptop will be on the same IP since it is on the home's WIFI.

    Have you considered using the Swiper1 for this? The app does not need the hardware and can be hand entered. The problem with that is the Swiper1 currently can post to a Connect campaign and NOT the fundraiser campaign.

    I am not sure you are aware but you can whitelist and IP or email address in the admin. Do you think you can ask them for the home IP and then whitelist it temporarily?


    Hope this helps. We will think about how we can provide a feature to help with this use case.
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