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Help with "Other" amount for Payment Amount

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  • Help with "Other" amount for Payment Amount

    Hi, we are using PaaS v 8.3051 with Salesforce and designing our own online payment form.

    All is working great except for the special case where we want to use the special option for "Other" amount. I have followed the instructions in my form returns a Zero amount in a test transaction or if I run this as a real transaction it is declined with the error "Invalid amount". You can see I set the field "UnitPrice1" to "OTHER" and then have the field "Other1" where the user enters the numeric value. I must be missing something and hope you see the issue quickly.



    My HTML looks like:
    <input class="noborder blurrable" checked="checked" name="UnitPrice1" value="40" id="UnitPrice1_1" type="radio"><label for="UnitPrice1_1"> $40</label>

    <br><input class="noborder blurrable" name="UnitPrice1" value="65" id="UnitPrice1_2" type="radio"><label for="UnitPrice1_2"> $65 (get free Washington wildflower guide)</label>

    <br><input class="noborder blurrable" name="UnitPrice1" value="100" id="UnitPrice1_3" type="radio"><label for="UnitPrice1_3"> $100</label>

    <br><input class="noborder blurrable" name="UnitPrice1" value="250" id="UnitPrice1_4" type="radio"><label for="UnitPrice1_4"> $250</label>

    <br><input class="noborder blurrable" name="UnitPrice1" value="500" id="UnitPrice1_5" type="radio"><label for="UnitPrice1_5"> $500 (Fireside Circle level)</label>

    <br><input class="noborder blurrable" name="UnitPrice1" value="20" id="UnitPrice1_6" type="radio"><label for="UnitPrice1_6"> $20 Reduced rate - for students, seniors and others with limited resources</label>

    <br><input class="noborder blurrable" name="UnitPrice1" value="OTHER" id="UnitPrice1_7" type="radio"><label for="UnitPrice1_7"> Other Amount:</label>

    Followed by:
    <input name="Other1" class="blurrable firstToFocus" id="Other1" size="30" maxlength="255" type="text">

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    Well I think I have figured this out. Seems the text value for the Other1 field should NOT include the "$" symbol. The example given in does use the $ for the standard values so I thought this was what was needed for the "Other1" value also.