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Question from donor about transaction details on email receipt

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  • Question from donor about transaction details on email receipt

    Hi Click and Pledge. I have a donor who is curious to know if there if there is a security risk with the transaction details displayed on the standard email receipt including order number, transaction number, authorization code. I've explained that Click and Pledge is a PCI compliant system, but a few more details would be helpful to pass along. Could you help me explain how these details are used to the donor?

    Thank you in advance. I searched the forums for answers and haven't found anything exactly like this. I apologize if this is redundant.


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    Good day Mark,

    The info we show are all useful if they wish to either inquire about a transaction or if you wish to process a credit.

    They serve absolutely no other function and cannot possibly be used for anything. The order number identifies their order in our system. The last 4 digits that is shown if searched as the only parameter will return a million records with the same last 4 digits and is only used to identify a card with that card holder in case of a question - in case they call and wonder what card was used.

    Click & Pledge does not store any credit card numbers anywhere in our system.

    It is purely cosmetics and cannot be used for any other purpose.
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      Thank you! This is very helpful.