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Invoice processing - Choose existing Opportunity

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  • Invoice processing - Choose existing Opportunity

    I have a couple of follow up questions regarding the Invoice Functionality...

    1. Is there a way we can use the Manual Oppty Settlement through the invoice terminal. This would allow us to reference an existing open opportunity without creating another oppty when we process the invoice.

    2. Is there a way for the user to choose the opportunity record type when using the invoice virtual terminal


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    Requesting a response to my post

    Can anyone respond to my question regarding the Invoice Virtual Terminal and Opportunities.



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      Good day CFischer,

      This question is actually being discussed in our team for a future addition.

      At this time an existing opportunity cannot be posted to an invoice and the record type cannot be set. The record type can be changed through the C&P Settings > SKU setting so if you set the SKU the opportunity, when created, will have the record type selected.

      The first idea cannot be done now but we will be adding it in a future release.
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        Glad to hear this will be future functionality.

        I've outlined 2 processes that I'm hoping can be set up when the new functionality is built

        Process 1
        1. Go to Contact and click on Invoice Virtual Terminal

        2. Enter Payment for "Consulting Services "
        3. SKU- Consulting
        4. Price- $5.00
        This creates the Invoice and Opportunity under that contact. The opportunity stage = Invoiced
        5. The contact receives the Invoice via email

        6. When the contact is ready to pay, they can either pay via "Click to Pay" or a manual payment can be process via the Virtual Terminal in Salesforce.
        Ideally, in both of these payment methods, by paying the invoice, the original opportunity is closed and a New opportunity is NOT created.

        Process 2

        1. Create an opportunity manually in Salesforce - this allows the user to select the appropriate record type and other fields.
        2. When they are ready to invoice this opportunity, click on the Invoice Virtual Terminal from the Contact.
        3. The opportunity information would be pulled into the invoice so that the user doesn't have to re-enter it. This would change the stage on the opportunity to "Invoiced"
        4. The rest of the process would be the same as above. The invoice could be paid online or through the manual opportunity settlement functionality.

        Additional enhancement request-
        Ability to select or configure the opportunity record type when creating an invoice. This will help tie back to the GL functionality.



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          Is there an update on when this functionality will be available? Specifically can we reference existing opportunities when paying through the Invoice Virtual Terminal.