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Issue with "Become a Fundraiser" in Connect

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  • Issue with "Become a Fundraiser" in Connect

    I'm setting up a new campaign, and we want to encourage people to "become a fundraiser" by hosting their own event. I've set up the page, but when I click on "become a fundraiser," the general donation campaign appears first, event though I have linked through the new special event (which I don't want to detail publicly, as we haven't released it yet). I am afraid my fundraisers won't see there is a second campaign they must scroll down to. Is there anyway to eliminate the General Donation page from showing when they click to become a fundraiser for the special event. Organization ID 26953.

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    Good day @Kate,

    Not at this time. We are working on the release 2.x which will make this request possible. Currently it is under development & scheduled early next year. It is a complete redo of the system with a designer allowing you to design the entire experience.

    At this time the system is as you see and those options are not available.
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      Okay, thanks. I may deactivate the general donation page during this event, using the basic C&P donation format instead...