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Multiple Programs | ClickandPledge and Salesforce Setup ?

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  • Multiple Programs | ClickandPledge and Salesforce Setup ?

    We have multiple charity programs that we accept donations for under one non-profit organization (ClickandPledge | Salesforce installation).

    Looking for guidance on how to:

    1. Setup Salesforce for these separate programs, including distinct receipts.
    2. Align the ClickandPledge shopping cart (checkout page) to align with each of these programs.

    In other words, the donor would click on the donate button, and be presented with the 4 programs to donate to, then the amount and program they select would automatically populate the respective program in Salesforce.

    Thank you.

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    Good day!

    Have you considered setting up multiple Click & Pledge accounts for each of these programs?

    If all the money is being deposited into one bank account and the same merchant is being used, you can setup as many accounts as you want for free. C&P accounts are free, the monthly fee is for your merchant account.

    We have clients with over 1000 C&P accounts.

    With multiple accounts each account may be set up with different receipts or event Salesforce autoresponder may be set to send receipt based on the posted account number. Shopping carts naturally may be setup differently for each account.

    If you wish to apply for multiple account simply visit our site and apply - in the Intended Use area indicate your account number & request that the new application be tied into the old account. It will take us a few minutes to set them up since they don't require new gateway account. You may setup as many accounts as you want.

    Do you think this will resolve your question?
    Click & Pledge Support Department

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