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Recurring Transactions not posting

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  • Recurring Transactions not posting

    Hello Team -

    We are having an issue with our click and pledge integration with

    Our regular transactions are getting posted to salesforce and donations and accounts are created.

    However in the case of recurring transactions we are facing issues when converting the temporary contact.

    Please Process Master Transaction Number <xxx> First and then Process the installments

    Below are the list of Master Transactions which are missing in Salesforce. I am not able to re-send them from the Click and Pledge Account as well.

    Master Transactions -


    Could you please send them over to salesforce

    In addition I get an error with one case where the transaction appears on the C&P Transaction but am not able to find a corresponding donation. I get the following email -

    System response:

    "Insert failed. First exception on row 0; first error: REQUIRED_FIELD_MISSING, Required fields are missing: [CnP_PaaS__Date_Established__c]: [CnP_PaaS__Date_Established__c]"

    Jen Berger

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    Good day Jen,

    The transactions you are requesting to be posted appear to have already been posted successfully. If I were to push them you will get a duplicate error.

    Are you sure that you don't have the original transaction still in the Temp contact?

    May we have access to your account? I would like to have one our test engineers login and review your transactions. There must be an error somewhere with those transactions.

    Have you searched for those transaction ID's? Are they NOT in the C&P Data? again as I said- our system shows that all those 3 transactions should be in the C&P Data.
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      We had originally integrated the C&P page to our Sandbox and I find two of the transactions 1308071318549018597 and 1308161706424823689 are present in our Sandbox.

      We are not integrated to our Production. If you re-send them , it might resolve our issue.

      Will continue to check if the
      1307291431446539170 is present in our system.



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        Correction : the previous post should read We are now integrated to our Production Org


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          Good day!

          We had to manually update your instance to force the sync. Once a transaction posts successfully it will not let us update it again.

          Please check your Salesforce instance and the transactions should be posted.

          Please let us know if we can be of more help.
          Click & Pledge Support Department

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            Thank you for your prompt response and forcing the sync. All the recurring transactions which were pending in the Temporary contact are now updated.