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Autoresponders failing due to field mapping and Preferred Email options in NPSP?

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    Good day @Angela:

    I am not quite sure I understand the issue.

    A temporary contact creates an ALIAS and we never update or overwrite anything as a matter of policy. This is why we allow the clients to push the Alias information manually. When the Alias information copies to the Contact record it is totally manual and not automatic and it is per Alias.

    This is why I am a bit confused since you are saying we are writing over existing data which is not something we do.

    Please elaborate so perhaps I can help you further.

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  • Autoresponders failing due to field mapping and Preferred Email options in NPSP?


    We are having a lot of auto-responders fail. Here's the background:

    For an Assisted Admin client we are working for we are using the "Preferred Email" functionality in the Non-Profit Starter Pack. The expected behavior is that we fill in email addresses for Personal Email, Work Email, Other Email (as desired), then when we choose a selection for "Preferred Email" (Personal, Work, Other), the appropriate/desired email address is then pushed to the "Email" field. This is standard functionality for our clients.

    The issue we are running into is with the C&P Temporary Contact. The way we have it set up now, we are matching "Alias:Email" and "Email" to push the donations to an existing Contact. We *think* that the problem is that when the "Alias:Email" pushes to "Email," that it gets overridden by whatever the preferred email is... and then the email doesn't send. That's our best guess.

    Can you tell me how to edit the mapping for where Alias:Email pushes to? Or is this something that has to be done on a case by case basis and then try to resend the autoresponders?