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Donations w/Future Charge Date and Products create a non-$0 amount Oppty @ creation

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  • Donations w/Future Charge Date and Products create a non-$0 amount Oppty @ creation

    I reported an error last week to the Support team regarding using the Virtual Terminal to set up Donations with a Future Charge Date and Products. Our expected behavior was that if you set up a donation with a future charge date that an Opportunity would not be created until the actual charge date (when $$ was exchanged) OR that if there is an Opportunity created that it would be for $0 since the transaction on the date of donation set up is just a pre-authorization.

    However, if you are using Products (via Payment for/SKU) and set up a donation with a Future Charge Date, an Opportunity is created on the date that the donation was set up, but since the Product is included and native SFDC functionality is that the Amount of an Opportunity equals the sum of the Sales Price of the Products, if there is a Product on an Opportunity, the Amount will not be $0. So this winds up creating an Opportunity with the full dollar amount of future transactions with close date of [TODAY] - and then when the future charge date comes, there is another identical Opportunity set up for the same amount with the close date of the actual charge date.

    If there is an org that is using future charge dates very rarely, this might not be much of an issue, but in this case we needed to set up ~200 donations with a future charge date as we were migrating out of Common Ground/Convio Luminate Online and into SFDC and Click and Pledge. All of the Pledges that were previously in CLO need to be re-initiated in C&P, but we need to control the date of the charge date to be consistent with past Pledges. What has wound up happening is that there are over 100+ "duplicate" Opptys.

    I talked with Brady on Friday and he said he would let you all know about the issue.

    I suggested a possible solution to Brady and he suggested I post it here. (Disclaimer: I am not a Developer or Programmer, so I am not sure if it will work!!) But what I am wondering is if transactions with a future charge date could be coded as a "Pre-Authorization" transaction type (which is what they are). Then, in C&P Settings within Salesforce, the SF Admin could choose whether they wanted Opportunities created for these "Pre-Authorization" transactions or not. In our use case, we would NOT want "Pre-Authorizations" to have an Opportunity created, but would want Opportunities created for all other transaction types (Authorizations, Decline, Invoice, Purchase Order, Custom Payment Type). The selection would be controlled by the Admin or end User.

    Please let me know if this is something that can be addressed in future minor or major releases. We need to finish setting up these gifts, and for the time being, are needing to go back in and remove Products from Opportunities or delete the Opportunities so our Salesforce records will be accurate.


    Angela Adams