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Why does new release install require that Salesforce shares info with Amazon?

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  • Why does new release install require that Salesforce shares info with Amazon?

    I noticed when installing the most recent release, listed in SF as 7.3006, that it requires permission to share information with "" (I think that's right, going on memory)

    The IP address appears to be registered to Why does the app require this?

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    Good day!

    Salesforce has limited storage and we don't want to take any storage if not needed. So the following files are kept at the Amazon S3 servers:
    • Autoresponder HTML & Image templates
    • Report templates
    • Country & State Database
    • Help files & links
    The above files occupy a lot of storage and are not necessarily all used by all clients. Once you use one you may store them locally. Storing it at Amazon S3 servers also provide an easy method for updating the autoresponder templates as well as the Country & State database without asking our clients to upgrade their application. For example we may add more reports to the Amazon storage and immediately update all clients available reports or update the Country & State database with a new country or province without releasing a new application, see the following post which is the exact reason for this design:

    I hope the above answers your question. Please let us know if we can be of more assistance.

    BTW: A new release was just updated in AppExchange (7.4013) but is not yet announced since we are still updating the manuals. If you are updating you may want to update to the latest release.
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