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  • Setting up donor pipeline


    Our organization is interested in using C&P in combination with Salesforce to keep track of potential donors (we're a non-profit organization) and collect donations from individuals on the list who choose to donate.

    From what I understand, the process works as follows:
    1. Create a contact record in Salesforce for the prospective donor
    2. Create a "C&P Online" opportunity, and tie it to the donor's account that was automatically created when I set up the new contact record (we're using Salesforce Non-profit Service Pack with a 1-1 contact/account setting)
    3. When the said donor makes a donation, the opportunity I created in step #2 will become closed (assuming the match is a success)

    Is this generally the correct process?

    More importantly, when I am creating the contact record, I see that one available record type is "C&P Online". I didn't create this contact record, so I am guessing it was created by your software when I installed it.

    Do I need the contact record type to be "C&P Online", or can I choose one of my other custom record types?

    Thank you in advance!


    Based on some experiments, it seems like the contact record type does not have to be "C&P Online"

    The only problem I am running into is linking the payment with the opportunity that I had created. Here's an example of what I'd like to accomplish:

    I create a contact record for "Bob". I'll ask Bob to donate $100, so I'll create an opportunity for $100 and link it to Bob's account. Once Bob decides he's ready, he makes a $100 donation which closes the opportunity I had created at the beginning of the process.

    Any way to accomplish this?
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    Good day!

    You have this almost right.

    Click & Pledge does not know what opportunity is related to what payment when it is done online. You may choose the Opportunity Settlement feature which allows for creating opportunities and settling them manually through the virtual terminal.

    When a donation posts to Salesforce we look for the contact according to your setting in C&P Settings > Contacts & Accounts. A transaction done through a web form will create an opportunity for each item in the basket so if you are using a form with one donation item it will create an opportunity in "real-time".

    A form has no way of knowing what opportunity to assign a live transaction to. We worked on variations of this idea but realized it will be too hard to explain to people - for example matching SKU types with live pledges. An idea that we are still working on for future. For now just note that an opportunity will be created for each transaction.

    As for Record type: We just have one record type as a default value in case you don't have one. Each transaction requires a record type. You may set up your own record types and use those. Ours is just a default and you may change, edit, rename, or assign another one.

    If you wish to create an opportunity for a pledge you need to settle it manually using the Opportunity Settlement Feature in 7.2000 release. Bob cannot close the opportunity since an online form does not have a way of knowing which opportunity to close since the amounts may vary and not match or multiple opportunities may exist with the same amount. I am sure you see the problem!
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