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Some HTTPS servers not recognized as secure

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  • CnP.Support
    No- we can't find out why you have a problem with one server and not the other servers. We have not seen any issues with PHP servers and it is quite strange. What does not make sense is that you have no issues with one server and have problem with another server.

    I wonder if it is a firewall issue on your end. Something blocking the response.

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  • CnP.Support
    Moved the question to FaaS


    I moved the answer to your question to the FaaS forum.

    Please see below:

    It is best to use the FaaS forum for questions regarding the FaaS service.

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  • JimNayzium
    Okay, been trying to use FaaS. I got the sample code to work, but it's unclear which fields are required and which are optional. Also, the error page is not very helpful; I wish it had more varied responses so I could know where my problem lay! All I've found for documentation is; is there anywhere else I could look for more information?

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  • JimNayzium
    Were you able to determine anything from the code?

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  • JimNayzium
    We added the domain to the list of allowed URLs, but it did no good. I'm not sure that's the problem, anyway, as we never had any difficulty using the API from the website.

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  • JimNayzium
    XML data here:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <CnPAPI xmlns="urn:APISchema.xsd">
              <OrganizationInformation>Nonprofit 123</OrganizationInformation>
              <ThankYouMessage><![CDATA[Thank you for your support]]></ThankYouMessage>
              <TermsCondition><![CDATA[All donations are tax deductible.]]></TermsCondition>
                <NotificationEmail>[email protected]</NotificationEmail>
                <NotificationEmail>[email protected]</NotificationEmail>
    Last edited by JimNayzium; 10-12-2009, 11:16 AM.

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  • JimNayzium
    <form action="<?php echo($_SERVER['PHP_SELF']); ?>" method="post">
     function object2array($object) {
      foreach ($object as $key => $value) {
       $array[$key] = $value;
      return $array;
     $q  = "SELECT * FROM #__users WHERE user_info_id='".$db->f("user_info_id")."'"; 
     $dbbt = new ps_DB;
     // Get ship_to information
     if( $db->f("user_info_id") != $dbbt->f("user_info_id")) {
      $q2  = "SELECT * FROM #__vm_user_info WHERE user_info_id='".$db->f("user_info_id")."'"; 
      $dbst = new ps_DB;
     else  {
      $dbst = $dbbt;
     $dbaccount = new ps_DB;
     $q = "SELECT ".VM_DECRYPT_FUNCTION."(order_payment_number,'".ENCODE_KEY."') AS account_number from #__{vm}_order_payment WHERE order_id='".$db->f("order_id")."'";
     if ($dbst->f('email')=="") {
     else {
        if (!$_POST['OrderTotal']) {
     else {
     //Data to send to Click & Pledge-- this is for the submission version, which the Tripp Loans form will actually send
     $formdata = array (
      // Customer Name and Billing Address
      'BillingFirstName' => $dbst->f("first_name"),
      'BillingLastName' => $dbst->f("last_name"),
      'BillingCompany' => $dbst->f("company"),
      'BillingAddress1' => $dbst->f("address_1"),
      'BillingAddress2' => $dbst->f("address_2"),
      'BillingAddress3' => $dbst->f("address_3"),
      'BillingCity' => $dbst->f("city"),
      'BillingStateProvince' => $dbst->f("state"),
      'BillingPostalCode' => $dbst->f("zip"),
      'BillingCountry' => $dbst->f("country"),
      'BillingPhone' => $dbst->f("phone_1"),
      'BillingEmail' => $email,
      // Customer Shipping Address
      'ShippingFirstName' => $dbst->f("first_name"),
      'ShippingLastName' => $dbst->f("last_name"),
      'ShippingCompany' => $dbst->f("company"),
      'ShippingAddress1' => $dbst->f("address_1"),
      'ShippingAddress2' => $dbst->f("address_2"),
      'ShippingAddress3' => $dbst->f("address_3"),
      'ShippingCity' => $dbst->f("city"),
      'ShippingStateProvince' => $dbst->f("state"),
      'ShippingPostalCode' => $dbst->f("zip"),
      'ShippingCountry' => $dbst->f("country"),
      // Customer Credit Card Info
      'NameOnCard' => $db->f('order_payment_name'),
      'CardNumber' => $cardNumber,
      'Cvv2' => $db->f('order_payment_code'),
      'ExpirationMonth' => date("m", $db->f('order_payment_expire')),
      'ExpirationYear' => date("y", $db->f('order_payment_expire')),
      //More info
      'Quantity' => 1,
      'UnitPrice' => number_format($db->f("order_total")*100),
      'ItemName' => CNP_NAME,
      //Click & Pledge account info
      'AccountGuid' => CNP_GUID,
      'AccountID' => CNP_ID,
      'UserName' => CNP_USER,
      'Password' => CNP_PASS
    //XML data gets created here, but the post was too long with it included
     $strParam = str_replace('^', '', str_replace('<br />', '', $xmlData));
     //These are for debugging only.  They allow the programmer to see the XML that's being submitted.
     //echo '<table width="100%" border="0"><tr><td width="100%" align="left">'.str_replace('^>', '&gt;', str_replace('^<', '&lt;', str_replace('^ ', '&nbsp;&nbsp;', $xmlData))).'</td></tr></table>';
     //echo "<textarea cols='90' rows='100'>$strParam</textarea><br />";
     $connect = array('soap_version' => SOAP_1_1, 'trace' => 1, 'exceptions' => 0);
     $client = new SoapClient('', $connect);
     $params = array('instruction'=>stripslashes($strParam));
     $response = $client->Operation($params);
     $response = object2array($response);
     $response = $response['OperationResult'];
     $response = object2array($response);
     foreach($response as $key => $value) {
      //echo "[$key] => ".$response[$key]."<br />\n";
     echo "Response code: ".$response['ResultCode']."<br />\n ".$response['ResultData']."<br />\n";
    I'll check on the administrative restrictions.

    The accound ID is 14889.

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  • CnP.Support
    Restriction &amp; site detail


    Sorry for the trouble you are experiencing.

    Can you please send the actual page so we can review the code.

    Also - are you using any restrictions in the administrative system? You can restrict the site that can post to the API. If you have enabled security restrictions and the URL is not listed in the authorized list then the site will not respond.

    We can review you account further if we have your Account ID.

    Let us know and we can review it in more detail.

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  • JimNayzium
    PHP info

    Some more information:

    Fatal error: SOAP-ERROR: Parsing WSDL: Couldn't load from '' in /home/blueeyed/public_html/michaelbennett/.../checkout.thankyou.tpl.php(61) : eval()'d code on line 311

    The code works at, but not The PHPinfo() files are here:

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  • CnP.Support
    Researched &amp; no problems found


    We have researched our SSL keys and find no issues with any of the servers handling PaaS services. I would like to discuss your hosting company's findings with the person that has replied to your email.

    When a program has a problem it will have that problem with all users- that is a general statement. We have many users that have designed applications on this platform and are using it without any problems. You also don't have a problem with another server and only have problem with a specific hosting company. I find it strange that the problem only exists with one site and not all the other sites.

    If there is a problem we love to find it and fix it. Please email us the contact information for your hosting company and your contact so we can contact him/her directly and resolve this issue.

    I apologize for the problem but frankly we have no idea why your issue exists. As I said before nobody else has a problem interacting with our API. This is the only case and even with you it is with one hosting company and not another one you have used.

    Looking forward to hearing back from you.

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  • CnP.Support
    Reviewing the service


    Thanks for the info. We will review the comments and reply back to the forum.

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  • JimNayzium
    Thanks, I'll try that next. I'll post my results.

    We also contacted our hosting company and they had a few suggestions:


    I have checked this issue in detail and verified all the required configurations of PHP and server.

    First I compared the PHP configuration of GoDaddy server with ours and found that all of the modules related to XML/SOAP standards are already installed on our servers and PHP versions are even same too, which is 5.2.5. Also the related PHP variables have same values as on the Godaddy server.

    This probably related to some issue at the remote server end from where the WSDL file is being requested. I was able to track 2 issues that I will explain to you now. First of all the SSL Certificate on the following URL does not seem to be correct:

    Second issue is can be related to the URL which should be a valid WSDL file. The error thrown is related to parsing that shows the reply from the remote server is not a valid WSDL file which our server was not able to properly parse. So you should check with the web service provider to see if there is any problem that can corrected.

    I have tried to place a test.php file to see if WSDL is having any issue on the server and the following script was able to create 'SoapClient' object successfully from one of our servers without any problem. You can check the following script:

    Let us Know if you need further assistance.
    From what you said, and based on the fact that we can access Click & Pledge from other sites with no problem, I don't see how the issue can be entirely with your site, but I thought I should pass along their response anyway.

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  • CnP.Support
    PHP Issue


    We have researched this and can't quite figure out what the problem is. We have tested this on various servers (internal and external) and can't find one that does not work.

    The only way we can possibly find out is to inspect the PHP installation on the server. It must be a PHP issue. We don't think it is an SSL issue. Our system only allows port 443 connection so if you come through that port (SSL) then connection will be allowed.

    Sorry we can't be of much more help.

    have you tested the new FaaS service? It may be worth it to test that service also to see if that works.. that does not require a connection and is a simple POST method.

    read more about it in the manual:

    we have not yet announced this service publicly but is in the manual and a number of companies are developing forms based on that service- it works and it is in production.

    The Support Department.

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  • JimNayzium
    Just wondering if there are any other suggestions you guys have. We still don't have our store working directly with Click & Pledge.

    I put up a new page at that automatically submits a test XML form. The exact same XML and code is also at where it works without any problem.

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  • JimNayzium
    For 1), do you mean the values being sent in the XML? Because I used the default XML with no trouble on another site, and it only fails from this site.

    For 2), I checked php.ini, and found "allow_url_fopen = On."

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