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FaaS transactions declining and not showing in reports

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  • CnP.Support
    Good day!

    Yes you were banned again.

    Your IP: was blacklisted and as a result blocked your email address.

    If you are using a checkout page (WID) as a reference you may want to disable FRAUD while you are testing. You should not test in Production. In TEST mode fraud is not checked and you can do all the testing you want without being blocked but when you go in production and when fraud is enabled it will block you if the system suspects fraudulent patterns.

    Your information is now removed and you should be able to process again.

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  • Tony McCune
    That fixed the problem last night and I was able to run a transaction successfully. We made a couple updates to the form and now I'm getting the following response and it does not appear that the transaction is going through again. Are we blocked again??

    Order Number: 1302221036578097558
    Vault GUID:
    Authorization code:
    Gateway transaction number:
    Reference ID:

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  • CnP.Support
    Good day Tony,

    You were blocked through our fraud system.

    The IP:

    When you are testing in TEST mode we don't check for fraud but if you start testing with Production mode with invalid cards or repeated transactions we will track your behavior and block you.

    Please don't test in Production mode.

    Test it now and let us know if you are still having issues.

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  • FaaS transactions declining and not showing in reports

    We are working on resolving issues with our first FaaS form.

    We are submitted a transaction against the production account using a real card and it is returning a declined message but there is no transaction showing up in the CNP portal reports or data in Salesforce. I checked the account ID, the GUID and they are correct. The WID we are using is for an advanced form on the account that is working fine. (I asked before but got no answer, this is an acceptable/correct method, to pass an existing WID through FaaS correct?)

    Here is a link to the form:

    Here is the response I got on test with a live credit card this morning:
    [on] => 1302210649168277558
    [response] => decline
    [hashresponse] => YjNmNGZjM2E4NjQxZTMxMDgwNWYxOTliZDdhMTMyNjM1YzE1ND g=
    [RefID] =>

    Any assistance in this would be greatly appreciated. We are a week behind schedule on this release to the customer.