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Creating event mgmt page with multiple items and one master SKU

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  • Creating event mgmt page with multiple items and one master SKU


    I"m working on creating an event management page with multiple items listed (each which would have it's own SKU). I'm mapping this to Salesforce and I want only one opportunity record created for each transaction, and multiple opportunity products created for each item. I understand that you can link the item SKUs to the Salesforce IDs of existing products to create opportunity products to those existing product records.

    However, if I want to set the opportunity record type, opportunity name, etc. via SKU how is this done? Since I'm using multiple SKUs (one for each item), how does CnP know which one to look at when creating the opportunity? Is there a master SKU you can set on the FaaS form?



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    Can you give me an update on where things stand with this soon? (Or an idea of when you'll have an answer). I need to get back to our client with a response.




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      With Opportunity > Products the following is the rule that is followed:

      Setting Record Types

      The first hit with SKU will be used for the Opportunity Record Type and once a hit is identified no more checking will be done.


      SKU is 123 then Opportunity Record Type is "Type1"
      SKU Includes 3 then Opportunity Record Type is "Type2"
      SKU Starts With 1 then Opportunity Record Type is "Type3"

      Now let's say 3 Items are posted with the following SKU's

      Annual Fund: SKU = AF-1234
      Building Fund: SKU= BF- 2345
      Athletic Fund: SKU = AF-4567

      In the Opportunity Record Type we have the following:

      SKU Starts with AF - Record Type is Annual
      SKU Ends with 2345 - Record Type is Building
      SKU Includes 4 - Record Type is Sports

      Using the first hit rule the record type for this opportunity will be "Annual" since that is the first that is being matched.

      Hope that answers your question.

      Click & Pledge Support Department


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        Thanks for response that does help. What would you recommend for donation pages with items that reference the same products in Salesforce, yet should create different types of donations in Salesforce?

        For example:

        There are 3 items: item A, item B, item C. These 3 items should show up on both donation page 1 and 2. But a donation from page 1 should be set with record type "donation" whereas a donation from page 2 should be set to "item purchase."

        Based off the logic you mention above, it seems that you wouldn't have a great way to set different record types (or other settings) for the two different donations created.

        Thanks again,



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          This is exactly why we thought of SKU's.

          SKU's will give you the very feature you need. Give each donation a different SKU and based on the filters: "IS, Includes, Ends With, Starts With" set what type of record type you want for each item (donation).

          See below.

          Click image for larger version

Name:	Opportunity-RecordType.jpg
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          In FaaS, SKU's may be set by using the SKU hidden field type:

          <input name="UnitPrice1" type="text" id="UnitPrice1" value="5" size="10" />
          <input name="UnitDeductible1" type="hidden" id="UnitDeductible1" value="100%" />
          <input name="ItemID1" type="hidden" id="ItemID1" value="1" />
          <input name="ItemName1" type="hidden" id="ItemName1" value="Cause 1" />
          <input name="Quantity1" type="hidden" id="Quantity1" value="1" />
          <input name="SKU1" type="hidden" id="SKU1" value="ABC-1234" />
          <input name="Campaign1" type="hidden" id="Campaign1" value="Building Fund" />

          <input name="UnitPrice2" type="text" id="UnitPrice2" value="10" size="10" />
          <input name="UnitDeductible2" type="hidden" id="UnitDeductible2" value="5" />
          <input name="ItemID2" type="hidden" id="ItemID2" value="2" />
          <input name="ItemName2" type="hidden" id="ItemName2" value="Cause 2" />
          <input name="Quantity2" type="hidden" id="Quantity2" value="1" />
          <input name="SKU2" type="hidden" id="SKU2" value="DEF-1234" />
          <input name="Campaign2" type="hidden" id="Campaign2" value="Travel Fund" />

          Utilizing SKU in the forms and taking advantage of the multi-layer naming and real-time customization of events in Salesforce is quite a powerful tool.

          Please review and let us know if we can be of any further assistance.
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