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Challenge - Response for CC Fraud

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  • Challenge - Response for CC Fraud

    We have started to implement C&P. Our current site has had a problem with fraudsters using our donation page as a place to test stolen credit card numbers; using software to bulk enter small transactions ($1 - $5) to see if the card is still valid. We refund the money when the fraud is detected, but this became a huge chore for us. We had been thinking of using a CAPTCHA program to test that the donor is a human, not a program. Is this possible with C&P Easy or Advanced pages? Are there alternative methods users have used to prevent fraud & abuse?

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    We have an active Fraud detection and monitor fraud carefully. Of course at times they get through and we manage it. Every transaction is monitored by our fraud algorithm and a third party.

    We have experimented with Captcha and other methods and they all create various problems. One major issue is with the visually impaired and screen readers and another issue which affects a lot more people is in high volume sites such as ours Captchas cause major delays and are not as responsive as the demands put on the site. During a trial period we experienced major slow down on our sites and extreme call volume from donors who had issues with the Captcha.

    Unfortunately those practicing fraud don't care about the impact they have on the community and as long as the banks benefit from the practice no major push is taking place to stop it. Banks, Visa, and other credit card companies are the ones that authorize the card and then come back and say it was a fraud. For all practical purposes it should be their responsibility to decline the card based on the information sent to them.
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