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returning the decline message

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  • returning the decline message

    I am using the postback field to post data back to my form, so my users need not retype their billing information. I've been able to pull the error message from the postback to display to the user when there is an error, but I cannot seem to pull the decline message to display when the transaction is declined.

    For the error, I use php: " $err = $_POST['err'];"

    When I use "get" as my postback method, the decline message appears to be assigned to "on", but I do not get a value with I try:
    " $decline = $_POST['on'];"

    What do I call to get the decline message?

    thanks, Amanda

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    We don't post any reason for Decline for security reasons.

    The ON (Order Number) will be set to Decline and you should simply state that the transaction was declined.

    Typically reasons for decline are:

    - Card declined by the bank
    - Invalid card number
    - Invalid CV2
    - Invalid expiration date

    Sites typically ask the carder holder to check the values entered, call their bank for reason for decline, or try again later.

    We simply show the gateway's decline from the respective bank. If there is a decline the issuing bank has declined it.
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      Well, I could certainly do a general decline message, except I'm not getting a value using $_POST['on'] to collect the order number value- I don't know what to pull from the postback in order to determine if the transaction was declined.


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        Good day!

        Decline transactions don't generate an ORDER NUMBER (ON). The message is simply Decline with no Order #.
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          What field in the postback indicates a decline and what value should I expect it to be?

          and also, the form fields are not posting back as they do with an error- is this not an option for declined transactions?
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            Support suggested that I lookup a php command that would postback all the variables that are in the postback. A little stackoverflow search provided this code:

            foreach ($_POST as $key => $entry)
            print $key . ": " . implode(',',$entry) . "<br>";
            else {
            print $key . ": " . $entry . "<br>";

            which did return "response=decline" along with all the form fields and their values.

            I could have sworn I tried "response=decline" before, as I had picked this up by using the GET method instead of POST and seen it in the URL, but perhaps there was something else wrong. I should be able to move forward with my side of things from here.