Hey folks!
I'm glad I've been able to get posting and successful transactions without posting here yet.

My organization is probably not that unique, but I'm looking for some advice with how to set up donations to specific programs and campaigns as they are required.

We have multiple programs that run concurrently. If they come to the donate form from one of those programs, we change the values on the form to be unique to the program.
If it allows recurring donations, then we allow for that checkbox to enable monthly subscriptions.
If it doesn't allow recurring, we dont' allow that monthly checkbox.

We're using ExpressionEngine as our CMS, and we've created this form:

Here's the Form HTML:

And here's a screenshot of the form:

However we're trying to figure out how we set this form to donate to a specific program or campaign with in Click and Pledge. I know I can set a unique ItemID within my form.And a unique CampaignID.

What is the recommended method for assigning donations to a specific campaign while using FaaS?
We can create whatever fields we need in EE and put out any HTMl we desires based on those values.

Just looking for some recommendations how to set things up.