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authorize, decline and error pages

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  • authorize, decline and error pages

    I got the form to work on my wordpress website. yeah!! I am happy about that.

    now I am stuck again trying to figure out how to create custom authorize, decline and error pages.
    can you please direct me to where I can find documentation on how to deal with this ?

    Thank you

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    Glad to hear that you are making progress. Great news indeed.

    To start with I suggest simply create 3 pages and place in them a Thank You message, a general decline message. You may also want to point the ERROR page to the decline page after you are done with the tests.

    We pass parameters to the URL or if using the POST method will post back to the page you add to those OnSuccessURL, etc. Do you know how to write the form post back variables into a form or on a page? I am not sure how that is done in WordPress.
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      No I am not familiar with how to write the form post back variables into a form but if you give me an example I can figure it out.