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Optional "I'd like to pay the credit card processing" checkbox?

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  • Optional "I'd like to pay the credit card processing" checkbox?

    We're transitioning to C&P due to it's integration with Salesforce and have found the form building options to be miles ahead of where our current payment processer is in terms of flexibily and ease of use. There is one item of functionality that I haven't figured out a way to duplicate.

    On our current donation pages we have a simple checkbox that allows people to pay the credit card processing fees. (See in example at: It's the green text) It's not an exact match (the checkbox adds 3% to a donation when the actual amount is 3% plus $0.23 or the like), but we've found the opt-in rate to be surprisingly high for even very large donations. Is there some way that I can add similar functionality to a Click & Pledge page? It doesn't have to be a dynamic tie to the exact charge or give different increases for cards with different processing rates, but just something that upon opt in increases the total charge by a set percentage.

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      Good day!

      The processing fee is currently only authorized for "rental" and a few commercial activities based the gateways we support.

      As Click & Pledge we may add this feature and with a disclaimer so organizations can decide for themselves. At this time we don't have the option but if you are planning to design your own forms using our API you may add it as we don't have any control over how our clients choose to program their interface.

      In general we believe this only discourages donations as someone may easily donate $97 instead of $100 and say use the additional $3 for the fee. The more options and questions are asked in a form the more interactions are needed which will reduce the amount or total donations. Giving is an emotional act and the more engagement a form requires the more it may discourage someone. We have seen this pattern with clients that have a lot of questions in their forms versus those with very simple forms.

      As stated you may do this if you choose to do so using our API forms.

      Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.
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