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Donation Name not working (ItemName1)

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  • Donation Name not working (ItemName1)

    Dear Click and Pledge,

    thank you for updating our package to 4.x! It's awesome, and we love how it creates opportunities (donations) and contact roles when the donation is submitted on lineóbrilliant!

    One minor thing.

    After our upgrade, it seems like the input field "ItemName1" that used to sync Donation Name in the salesforce is not populating anymore.

    It just comes as blank when I see them in Salesforce.

    Here is our test mode form:

    Thanks for all your help!

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    Good day!

    Sorry it seems like we missed answering this post.

    I am not sure I follow. In reviewing your form I see that you have 2 blank fields in the ItemName1 pull down menu. The value of ItemName1 will post as the Opportunity Name if you are using the Opportunity model and if set to Product then Order # will be the Opportunity name and the ItemName1 will be the product name.

    I ran a couple of tests and they all work with our forms. Are you sure you are not using the blank options?
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