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testing howto, FaaS and salesforce integration, and posting custom questions

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  • testing howto, FaaS and salesforce integration, and posting custom questions

    I am developing a custom form for a client to replace this hosted form:

    I have followed the FaaS example files, and submitted it against the endpoint. my client only has 1 campaign so I do not want to break it by setting the test mode in the admin console.

    For further testing of receipts and success/decline/error urls, can I set OrderMode="test" and send in test transactions to a campaign in production mode? will this send receipts, show the redirect urls and postback data?

    is there a way I can simulate declined cards and processing errors?

    when using Faas, will the Salesforce integration that runs when the hosted form is submitted also run? is there a way to test this?

    some critical information is captured in custom questions and sent to salesforce. do I need to duplicate any id's or field names in my FaaS form, or does the integration automatically send all posted data to salesforce? (specifically the donation dedication information if you looked at the linked hosted form)

    thanks for your help!

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    bicyclista ,

    Could you explain why your customer needs a custom FaaS form rather than the current one? Perhaps there is a simpler solution.

    The "test mode" is a property of the form, not the Campaign. If you create a form and set it to use the same Campaign as the Live form, it will not break the Live form- it will continue to process through the merchant provider as it has. The live form's submissions will continue as before, and your FaaS forms test transactions will work exactly the same way, but will bypass the "bank". The primary concern would be that your Campaign totals would include transactions for both. If that is an issue, clone the existing Campaign, and run your test transactions through your 'cloned' Campaign.

    Information that comes from payment forms and if written into Salesforce is managed by the Donor Management (or Payment as a Service app). To summarize, C&P makes use of "SKUs" to tag a transaction from a form, and then based on the SKU, the PaaS app determines how to write an incoming transaction into Salesforce Contacts, Accounts, and Opportunities.
    Check out:

    Yes, with FaaS the Salesforce integration will run. All C&P payment forms operate through the same API- so if they come from Swiper1, Event Registration, Connect, Salesforce Virtual Terminal, FaaS - it's all the same engine, and passes data into Salesforce in the same way.

    For custom questions, you will want to set up Custom Mapping in C&P Settings.

    As far as testing declines, I will double-check on the recommendation for that and get back to you.

    ~ Amanda, C&P Customer Advocate

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      hi thank you for your reply, I appreciate it.

      They want a custom form to improve the UX and have the donations process feel more integrated into their website. Also we will be constantly tweaking the page and form presentation running A/B tests to improve conversion.

      I think the SKU and custom mapping is what was missing to get all of the data over to salesforce and will review that today.