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Several Donations Declined because of Invalid Amount

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  • Several Donations Declined because of Invalid Amount

    Hi there,

    We just had our Spring campaign and several donors reported that they received donation errors on our donate page: I reached out to C&P support about a few of them and the issue for most seemed to be that they were entering an invalid amount ($0.00). Below is the list of people who I know had errors. For those who I already consulted with support about, I've included the issue they identified. Support suggested I reach out to you about the $0.00 transactions to see what needs to be done to prevent this. I have a feeling that was also the case for the others whose issue hasn't been identified yet. I don't think it's user error because the issue has occurred so many times now:
    • Margo Viscusi (Invalid amount - $0.00, happened 3 times. She eventually tried again another day and it went through.)
    • Pamela Sporn (unknown)
    • Julie Peteet (Invalid amount - $0.00)
    • Raja Jubran (Invalid CVV2)
    • Marina Kun (unknown)
    • Jean Entine (unknown)

    Let me know if you have any questions to help with your diagnosis. I do know that in order to enter a different amount than those that are suggested in the form, one has to first click "Other" before entering in the amount. It may be possible that people forgot to click "Other" but again, this has never been an issue before and we have had the same donate page for years.

    Thanks so much,

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    Good day @pal_legal

    By seeing the given form URL, we have already mentioned that there is an issue with the "Other" field in your form. Though we have changed the ID and Name of the text field, and the value of the Other radio button, the developer have to revise the code. Also, there are some validations required for the other field like the other text field should be required, must allow only numbers, only allow two digits after the decimal.

    Secondly, when the user enters an amount inside "Other" text field, other amount radio buttons should uncheck and should check [Other] radio button on the trigger of keyup of Other Text field.

    Please check with your developer and request to revise the code because we have changed the value of Other radio button.
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      Thanks, I hadn't seen your comment about our "Other" field. I will see if there's someone who can help us input these changes. Thanks again.