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FAAS Submitting VOID/CREDIT Transactions

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  • FAAS Submitting VOID/CREDIT Transactions

    My Client: Org ID 50801 had two donations today through a FAAS form that resulted in a decline on the redirect but came through to Salesforce as a VOID/CREDIT. What would cause this without us manually voiding a transaction?

    Order Number: 50801-1810021542544706243
    Order Number: 50801-1810020846491286018

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    Good day dstephens

    Based on what you are describing, you are using a custom Fraud setting that has caused a fraud trigger. Here is the story:

    A custom fraud setting requires a post to the gateway to retrieve the values such as AVS and CVV match. If you have an AVS setting for decline that is triggered we submit a void to the gateway for the transaction. In other words, we have to first authorize it then compare the values of AVS and CVV with the custom fraud profile. If the DECLINE setting is set for the returned AVS we then decline the transaction for the patron and reverse it on your end.

    You could easily see this in Connect. Simply go to those records and see the AVS / CVV in the transaction detail page. Compare those with the fraud setting you have set. I am sure they match against a decline.

    Let us know if you wish for us to provide additional info. I am sure all the info is already available for your review in Connect.
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