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Donation Issue with Comma in Donation Amount

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  • CnP.Support
    Release 1.24: Decimal Mark

    Good day!

    We just release version 1.24 to address your problem. Please see the release notes:

    To ensure your system behaves correctly with the new update please change your field names by adding 1 to the end of each name. For example:


    • ItemName to ItemName1
    • Quantity to Quantity1
    • UnitPrice to UnitPrice1
    • etc.

    If you need any help please let us know.

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  • CnP.Support
    OK.. we have a solution that we are now working on releasing.

    Preliminary design will be a default case with ISO standard and a US format which may be set through a hidden field.

    I will keep you posted when we release it.

    Hopefully this feature will help you by not having you write a JS.

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  • CnP.Support
    Good day.

    Sorry for missing this thread.

    Answers to your questions:

    1) A comma is an international symbol for period and in US it is the opposite. Our API is written internationally so we have to stay true to its core ( - I understand your situation and we have been discussing this internally to see how we can help your situation. This problem has not been brought up in the past and our clients apparently are handling this through a JavaScript to scrub the data before posting it to us. I will get back to you regarding this when we have a solution that can help everyone.

    2) Processing errors? What exactly do you mean by that? We post all Errors in the URL in the post back. The URL includes the Error description so you can easily read it and show it on the page.

    2) Name on the card: We have notified the bank & they will get back to you. They have to change your name - the name was the same that was put in the application and we can't change it locally. Once the bank changes it we will change it in our system. Hopefully the bank will contact you shortly.

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  • childbirthconnection
    Can someone please respond to this tread?

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  • Donation Issue with Comma in Donation Amount

    We are having a problem that when a donor puts 1,000 into the donation amount area it is submitting it as 1. Is there a way to add the availability of commas and/or should this show up on the error page?

    Please advice. You can find the form at

    I am also having issues the processing errors, can you advise on how to inform donors of what the processing errors actually are? There doesn't seem to be a place I can view this. Thank you.

    If there is the ability to have a phone call I would appreciate it.

    One other concern. On the please note part of the receipt is says the following:

    "Your credit card charges will be marked as paid to childbirth connections."

    childbirth connections should be Childbirth Connection - how do I change this? I went through all of our info and can't seem to find where I make the change. Thanks.
    Last edited by childbirthconnection; 12-06-2011, 12:14 PM. Reason: additional questions.