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Error vs. Decline Response (and post back parameters)

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  • Error vs. Decline Response (and post back parameters)

    Under what circumstances will responses to OnErrorUrl and OnDeclineUrl be used?

    Based on the naming convention I would assume that OnDeclineUrl would be used when a credit card is declined, but I have seen some results where OnErrorUrl is used with the parameter: "on=Decline". Is there are logical set of rules that can be used to determine which callback URL will be used?

    I have also noticed that the postback parameters to the callback URLs are varied. For example, I have seen responses to OnErrorUrl with the "on" parameter, and others with the "err" parameter. It would be helpful to know under which circumstances the varying parameters will be included, so that I can use the appropriately on my callback pages.

    Thank you!

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    Good day!

    Sorry for late reply. The issue you reported needed to be investigated further and that made this reply a bit late.

    We discovered a situation where a decline was being routed to the ERROR page. We have fixed that in release 1.20 (See FaaS 1.20 Release Notes)

    Please test it and let us know if you encounter any issues.
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      I took the sample api form and created a product for $1 called test membership and it is called for by but results in this error page link
      We are running up against a deadline and must get clickandpledge working

      thank you


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        Good day Ken,

        Your link provides the following information:


        The error states: URL Restriction Violation

        In the Administrative Portal you must have listed the authorized URL's that are allowed to post for authorization. The URL you are posting from is not in the list of authorized URL's.

        I checked your domain and the account associated with the listed domain. The following is in your administrative Portal settings:

        Click image for larger version

Name:	URL-Restriction.jpg
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Size:	74.6 KB
ID:	15148

        As you clearly see the example provided shows how a domain should be listed. We ask that you enter the domain and not the http:// which is what you have listed.

        Please remove http:// and test it again. The restriction should be listed as: and not as

        It is also recommended that you do NOT use the restriction while developing the forms since you don't want restrictions to stop you from testing. During testing one may switch servers and URL's and as a result the restriction creates issues such as the one you are experiencing.

        Please change the setting and test it. Let us know if we can be of any further assistance.
        Click & Pledge Support Department

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