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Getting invalid WID on my form... but Im not passing a WID

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  • Getting invalid WID on my form... but Im not passing a WID

    On my dev form

    I'm getting Checkout page (wid).&hashresponse=ZGEzOWEzZWU1ZTZiNGJkMzI1NWJmZW Y5NTYwMTg5MGFmZDg3OQ==&RefID=OnlineDonation

    when I process a test transaction.

    We used to have a WID on the page and account before we switched everything to connect a long time ago, but now the form doesn't include the WID.

    (checked and verified we're not passing a WID) (even though that the verify page says it's required. does not mention the field anywhere)

    Any Suggestions?

    Simon Jensen
    KELL Partners

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    Good day @Simon

    We have tested your Form and yes, though we have upgraded and migrating our users to Connect for better user experience, still we have WID in portal for backward compatibility. We have introduced "ConnectCampaignAlias" which is an alternate of WID. Since we have removed the instructions from manual and requesting users to use Connect Campaign Alias so that it won't be difficult when we retire the portal in future.

    To get Connect Campaign Alias, go to respective Campaign and under Campaign details >> Basic Information >> here you will find Campaign Alias field which is extension for the Campaign's URL.

    In order to fix the issue with WID, please add the following node in your form:

    <input type="hidden" name="ConnectCampaignAlias" id="ConnectCampaignAlias" value="HERE COMES THE CONNECT CAMPAIGN ALIAS" />

    Hope that helps. Please check and let us know if we can be of any further assistance.
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