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  • Double Charges

    Hello Support,
    We are experiencing duplicate charges using basic HTML forms with C&P. Transactions are being processed several times and donors charged multiple times not realizing. We need assistance on how to make sure a transaction is only able to be submitted once. These are our forms: and We thought it might have to do with the gateway timing and donors clicking the submit button more than once. However, we have received reports that the donor experiences a blip or interruption in processing and then once the page transitions to "Thank You" duplicate transactions are a result. Sometimes over five transactions are processed, thus drastically over charging our donors. I have been seeking assistance with no luck through C&P Support Ticket. Attached is an example of two donors experiencing the issue. We really need help. A donor was overcharged 9 times today.

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    Good day @[email protected]

    Sorry but the image you have provided is PNG and this forum does not show it in full scale. The order numbers are not visible in screen shot. Would you please post this as a JPG so we can review?

    Take a look at the time stamp of each transaction and see if they are processed back-to-back.

    We reviewed your forms and it has been processed from FaaS form which you have developed using our API. We see this a lot where custom forms do not block double clicks and we found the same issue with your forms.

    Our forms block double posts by simply blocking the submit button until a transaction completes. Please review the forms and block the double submission to avoid such issues.

    NOTE: Since this question is related to FaaS, I will go ahead & move this to a new thread in correct channel.
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      We are still experiencing this issue. Today a donor was charged 4 times. Below are order numbers associated with the transaction.

      Can you look at our forms to see if the code is right or provide the code that we should be using as you described in your post to block submit clicks until the transaction completes?


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        Good day [email protected]

        Sorry but this is a custom form you have developed. As a matter of policy we cannot provide consulting or custom programming advice. Each environment and server is different and as such we are not in a position to provide such advice.

        Your web developer may easily search the web for a JavaScript that blocks double clicks. These transactions are processed in rapid succession and as such are double clicks.

        I just did a quick search and here are some results:

        Please consult with your web developer.

        Sorry we cannot provide custom code advice- it will be in violation of our PCI policies due to liabilities.
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