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  • Membership processing as event registration


    Our membership donations get processed through a custom page on our website. These have always come through as ticket registration which is a custom object we created. They should come through as membership donations. I then have to go in and change the type of transaction and where it came from and what it is coded as for our records. I would like to know if Salesforce can automate this.

    Is there something wrong in the way our web developers coded our membership form? Is there something I can do in salesforce? Or do i need to have the web developers redo the code?

    Event registration:

    Thank you!

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    Good day @[email protected]

    Sorry but I am having hard time to understand your question. Would you please elaborate your question little so that we can better assist you? what information you are expecting to get in the custom object which you have created?
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      Sorry rereading that post i see how confusing it can be.

      We are a non profit and use Click and Pledge as our donation processing app. Our website hosts a membership donation page that uses FAAS instead of the C&P standard donation page. When donations get processed they appear as "Event Registration" in Salesforce instead of "Membership Donation." I thought I changed this through C&P settings but it keeps happening. I would like to know if this is something that is occurring because of a coding on our website or because of a coding within Salesforce/C&P.

      We have three main types of donation objects "Event Registration" "Membership Donation" and standard "Donation". For our events everything processes correctly because we use the C&P event registration page, our standard donations are rare and usually get processed alongside event registration or memberships. Memberships are the only problem, I think it is because we don't use the standard C&P donation page but it should be fixable.

      Within the opportunity page there is a custom object picklist from when Idealist helped to set up our instance, the list has all the different types of donations that could come through without a default, whenever a transaction is processed through our site it comes through as "Public Program Ticket-Individual" without fail. We then have to go through and reassign our opportunities to the correct type. I would like to be able to have C&P/SF automate this based on where the donation comes from.

      I hope this makes more sense.