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Test Transaction getting Invalid Card Information error

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  • Test Transaction getting Invalid Card Information error

    Hello, I'm trying to use FormAssembly to post. I've tested my checkout page ( and it's working fine in test mode.

    When I use FormAssembly to post from a sample form (available here:, I get the error Invalid%20Credit%20Card%20Information
    (the hash response is as follows, no idea if it gives you useful debug info or not: ZGEzOWEzZWU1ZTZiNGJkMzI1NWJmZWY5NTYwMTg5MGFmZDg3OQ )

    According to Verify the attached screenshots are what I'm passing in. You can see that I have OrderMode = Test, TransactionType = Payment, and all of the required CC fields in the right spots. I even tried to pass the dates in both ways (as MM/YY and separate fields for expiration month and expiration year, 4 digit year), to see if that made any difference. I've confirmed the exact same information works when I go directly to my checkout page.

    So I'm at a loss. It's clearly getting the data and trying to do something with it, but I have no further ability to debug. Assistance is much appreciated.

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    Good day @jenntaylor

    We reviewed your mentioned form ( and found that it has NOT been configured according to our FaaS platform.

    Please refer to the following link and setup the reference form accordingly in order to test the exact issue. FaaS API:
    Click & Pledge Support Department

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      Hi, I'm really sorry but that is an incredibly unhelpful and disrespectful response!

      If you're just looking at its source code then you clearly don't understand the question - FormAssembly provides detailed field mapping from its field names to yours, which I have done according to your field specification and, furthermore, which your validation supports (per the screenshots). If I hadn't gotten the fieldnames right in my mapping the screenshots would not be showing the data they are showing. The validation tool YOU PROVIDED shows my field mapping is fine.

      I will switch my client to Stripe with FormAssembly instead, I could have had this working in 30 minutes with no hassle but because they already use C&P I tried very hard to avoid switching them to a different product for this use case, which isn't supported by any other option.


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        Good day jenntaylor

        Sorry that you think our response is "disrespectful". Our API behaves a certain way and naturally not all cases are supported. We have done our best to understand the issue & provide guidance on a third party application. We have provided integration with FormAssembly and have added the features that our clients have asked. Certain features are not supported by our system and if you think addition of such a feature is helpful we will gladly consider it.

        FormAssembly is not a Click & Pledge product. We have integration with it and we try hard to make sure these integrations satisfy our clients' demands. To provide 100% feature integration with third party is not at times possible. A transaction posts to C&P API and we post the results to Salesforce.

        I am sorry that you think our response has been disrespectful. I wish I could see how we have been. We apologize.
        Click & Pledge Support Department

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          I wrote to ask you to tell me why I am getting an Invalid Credit Card Information response and I provided you full details of what, exactly, is being passed to your API via your tool. I am not asking you to support FormAssembly, I am asking you to provide feedback on error messages from your product that give me no further information to troubleshoot. Using all caps and not answering my question is what is disrespectful. Just saying that "it has NOT been configured according to our FaaS platform" without explaining what you found, how it differs from what is in the Verify tool that, again, C&P provides for validation of fields and data being passed in, is not helpful, does not allow me to solve the problem, and does not allow me to troubleshoot.


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            Please see our API manual:


            The form you are showing us does not have any of our API nodes. We do not know what you are doing as it is not using our GravityFrom app and is not using our API.

            We do not see what it is posting to - the form you are using as reference is one of our payment forms from the legacy portal. That form cannot be posted to from outside as it is a self contained form.

            What we are being presented to review is not something we have or support & as such we cannot possibly know what is going on. This thread was posted to the API FaaS channel which is for the following API platform:

            Click image for larger version

Name:	2017-02-28_12-44-44.jpg
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ID:	30969

            Please see the manual for the FaaS form. When we review a form we have to see the post method posting to: with the nodes as shown in the manual. Your form does not have any of these attributes and as such we are at a loss. How can we say why something is not working when we truly do not understand what you are doing.

            If you need further help, after reviewing of the FaaS API manual please let us know.
            Click & Pledge Support Department

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              Thank you for the response and for seeking to clarify. I apologise that the additional information I provided was confusing rather than illuminating. Let me try again.

              From your FaaS documentation:
              "Forms as a Service is an easy way to take advantage of the flexibilities offered by the API. The FaaS web service allows web designers to design a donation form and use the POST method to process the transactions through the webpage without any need for launching an external site."
              From FormAssembly's documentation on the HTTP connector:
              "The HTTP connector allows you to automatically forward submitted data from FormAssembly to any remote script using either the standard HTTP POST or HTTP GET methods.
              When using the HTTP connector, data is sent as application/x-www-form-urlencoded data. The HTTP connector currently cannot pass data as JSON content, only as form encoded data."
              FormAssembly posts to its own internal processor, which I don't expect you to support in any way. You can think of the HTTP post connector as standing in for an HTML form that I would create by hand, so what it passes to C&P is exactly what you would get if I built the form in any other tool, specifically the field names. I've done everything I can to have its HTTP connector post form data with the correct fields, per the documentation here ( and the example forms you provide here:

              So let's start from core principals - if I construct any HTML form, and submit a POST request to either or, I am correct to use the FaaS serivce, per the documentation's statement that it is designed to "use the POST method to process the transaction" - correct? And I shouldn't need anything else beyond what is referenced in these documents, right?

              That's been my assumption, and I have set up the FormAssembly HTTP connector to post data to which is where I get the mapping that is in the screenshot on my original post. I had focused on the credit card fields, because I assumed you may be able to spot the reason that I'm getting the error message "Invalid Credit Card Information" the response URL.

              Again I apologize for the confusion with the old-style payment form - your documentation indicates that a WID is required, and I don't know where to find the WID in the specified format in your Connects product, so I set up a sample payment form in the old system to meet that requirement. I'm in no way posting to that form, I'm just using it to meet a requirement. Since it is required, I thought that perhaps if something were wrong with that form it could cause the error I got back, so I just tried it to confirm that's not the issue either.

              FA does intercept the response from C&P, so I'm afraid I can't easily point you to a URL that you can look at, but I can provide the responses that I'm receiving from sending data to your FaaS URLs. I can provide the full dump of information that reads from my form post, but would rather not share the GUID and account ID on this forum so can provide that file via email or secure upload. I can also share the FormAssembly HTTP connector but I don't think that's as useful as it's clearly on me to debug that part, and I'm happy to do so.

              It would be very helpful to know what, generally, causes the specific error "Invalid Credit Card Information" so that I can narrow my troubleshooting to that. It would also be helpful to know if there's any other way to troubleshoot a connection error like this.

              The only other thing I see at all is that the validation page says the form SSL status is insecure, but without further details I don't know what to make of that - it is posting over SSL to an SSL endpoint, and posting from a site with a valid certificate, so again, any further debugging I may need to do there I am happy to attempt.


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                Hi Jen,

                Do note that Form Assembly did not work last time I tried because they don't let you pass along credit card information (they mask it internally unless it fires through one of their authorized payment connectors) and if they detect that you're trying to use a non encrypted field for gathering credit card information they will shut off your form and politely, but firmly, ask that you don't collect credit card information because that would require them to be PCI compliant, which they are not as all form responses are stored in their log files and also potentially emailed out to respondents.

                Simon Jensen
                KELL Partners


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                  Thanks Simon, that totally makes sense. I'd thought that the version of FA the client is using was the PCI compliant one (that's a newish thing for them circa late last year I think?), but it may not be, so I'll double check that. Good tip, thanks!