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Test transaction detecting as Fraud

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  • Test transaction detecting as Fraud

    We tried to run a test transaction through, but the transaction was declined. When we looked at the transaction report, we noticed that it was marked as Fraud. The transaction # is 1610051058214364355. Can you please let me know why this is occurring, and do we know if everything is working correctly?


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    Good day girishbhatia

    If you want to test a form we recommend that you whitelist your IP address in the portal. You have done back to back transactions from the same source with low amounts and simply duplicated a fraud pattern.

    We removed your IP and persona from our blacklist database. We use many third parties for validation and production testing with such pattern is monitored in real time against many systems. We strongly recommend against this as your IP, email, and persona may easily be gray listed across the entire network.

    It is recommended that you whitelist the IP while testing.

    Please let us know if we can be more help.
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