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  • Webhook or Similar Functionality?

    I'm implementing the Form as a Service functionality for a client's website, but need to keep track of the donations that happen on my website in addition to tracking them in Click and Pledge.

    I'm aware of the "Postback" functionality of the forms, where I can get some information back about the transaction that just took place.

    However, I realized that this Postback (probably) won't happen when a reoccurring donation takes place (like a monthly donation). How would I go about getting information about these transactions? I've used other API/Services that have "webhook" functionality, where a kind of "postback" to my website would happen whenever an action takes place. Do you have anything like this, or can I get a list of transactions each day? Or is there another way I should think about accomplishing this task?

    Jesse Sutherland

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    Good day TheJester12

    The recurring transactions do not post back to the form. The emails are sent when a recurring occurs but no information posts to a third party site.

    If you are using Salesforce, the information posts in real time to Salesforce but not to other applications or sites.

    Hope that answers your question.
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