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Including Custom Fields in our Receipt Email

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  • Including Custom Fields in our Receipt Email


    We have a few fields on our forms for honoree donations, i.e donating in memory / in honor of someone else. Is it possible to have these forms included in our receipt email and captured in our C&P database should a donor fill these fields out?

    Also, can anyone clarify how we would go about using the custom email templates via the PaaS Salesforce app? We've downloaded the app from AppExchange (at least we believe we have), but we fail to see where we go to actually USE the application and begin creating our custom emails based on donation amount, etc.

    Thank you,
    The EMKI Team

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    Good day!

    All custom question / answer pairs are included in the system receipt so there is nothing that needs to be done for this.

    The autoresponder in Salesforce may be set up based on various parameters, including Campaign, WID, SKU, etc.

    All FaaS forms refer to a WID (Window ID) and that may be used for the autoresponder. Also each item in the FaaS form may include an SKU and those SKU's may trigger the autoresponder.

    If you wish to see a demo of this please join our office hour and we can give you an overview of the autoresponder.
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