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Donations Being Processed Twice? And Other Declined?

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  • Donations Being Processed Twice? And Other Declined?

    Has anyone else had these issues where many donations are processed twice and others are declined for no apparent reason? Seems to be pretty random so far and sometimes even the ones that are declined at first end up being processed twice once they finally do go through. It's not a good look having donors cards charged twice then having to issue an explanation and refund. Nor is it fun to discourage donors by having their donations declined for no reason. Here is my donation page:

    All help is much appreciated

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    Good day!

    I reviewed your account and looked at transactions from December 1, 2014 to January 19, 2015

    The following transactions appear to match the description you provided:
    • December 2, 2014: Alberto T*** for $30. First one declined due to invalid CV2 and the second was processed as the information provided was correct.
    • December 2, 2014: Urania B*** for $0 and was returned as $0 is not a valid amount.
    • December 2, 2014: Urania B*** for $150 at 7:45:30 PM and one at 7:45:34 seconds. It is almost as if they clicked it twice- the difference between the transactions is 4 seconds. This is not a double charge- the person actually clicked on the submit button twice with a 4 second delay.
    • December 2, 2014: Karen G**** for $30 - the first transaction was declined due to invalid CV2
    • December 7, 2014: Mary H*** for $1000 at 7:31:38 and again at 7:31:56 - again the user appears to have clicked twice with a time difference of 28 seconds. This is again not a double charge as the person has clicked the charge button again.
    • December 16, 2014: Jeffrey B* for $300 - at 7:39:05 and 7:39:16 with a time difference of 11 seconds.

    Since this is a form you have developed using the API, are you blocking double clicks? It seems like in every instance of a double charge the user has clicked on the process button twice. The time difference between the transactions is clear indication of what is going on.

    All this information is also available in our reports- the decline reasons are in the reports and you should be able to see why each transaction has failed. The 3 declined transactions since December 1 are in 2 cases an invalid CV2 and in the other case an invalid amount of $0.

    Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.
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      I greatly appreciate your shedding light on this issue. I didn't know all of this information was readily available to me in the reports and now I will surely search for it and always look there first. The double-clicking makes perfect sense now and I haven't been blocking it but will definitely look to do so in order to avoid this from happening in the future.

      You all have been extremely helpful, as always.