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    How do we Post to mailchimp groups, instead of lists? This code:

    <input name="eNewsletterName2" type="hidden" maxlength="200" size="40" value="MailChimp "/>

    Yes: <input name="SubscribeList2" checked="checked" id="SubscribeList2" type="checkbox" value="World Affairs Council"

    That will post to our LIST "World Affairs Council" but we don't use the list, we only use GROUPS in that List. How do we post to Groups?

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    hello? Has this been looked at?


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      Good day!

      We reviewed the MailChimp API and one can post through the API to a mail group.

      Our challenge is in order to include this in the FaaS we have to figure out a way that we can easily offer a node for the group name. Currently the list name is a comma delimited list so if someone subscribes to 5 lists the form can easily post it as a comma delimited list. This is easily done by posting the same field several times and the post will automatically make them comma separated. The issue is how do you add groups to this list and considering MailChimp allows you to have groups within groups how can the FaaS form allow for nested lists?

      Programming the API is easy as it is nothing but several nodes but the biggest problem is how can we make the FaaS nodes easy enough for a non-programmer to use. That is always the challenge with adding features to the FaaS processor.

      For now this feature is not available but we are thinking as to how we can do it. Allowing an easy environment for a non-programmer to program is quite challenging.
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