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Test Servers Down Again?

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    There are no such things as test servers. The same servers simply process TEST as well as live transactions based on the request. If TEST servers were down all pages should be down as well.

    The reason you see the error is because there is no such CheckoutPageID in your account.

    Line 736 based on my view code: value="28845" [which is your account #]

    Earlier you have the following:

    input name="AccountID" type="text" maxlength="10" size="50" value="17093"

    the above tells me the account number you are addressing is: 17093

    That account only has one checkout page & its ID is 36136

    So the error is telling you what the problem is and you just need to fix the WID. Naturally I don't know if there are any other problems so fix this one and let's see.

    Hope this helps.

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  • Jeff Hoffelner
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  • Jeff Hoffelner
    started a topic Test Servers Down Again?

    Test Servers Down Again?

    Are the test servers down again. The following test page:

    Is returning:

    CheckoutPageID is not valid

    again for no reason that I can see.