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  • Custom Question for FaaS Form

    Good morning,

    We are currently putting together one of the FaaS simple forms to accept online donations using your Salesforce app. Everything is going well but we had one question. Is it possible to set-up a button or code that can be added to the form that allows the donor to increase the amount of the donation (if they choose to) based on the processing fee, so that the organization receives the whole donation?

    An example would be the donation platform Razoo has a "Donation Booster" that when clicked, increases the amount automatically so the donor doesn't have to calculate the 4% addition to their donation. It would be a great addition to have on the already very nice simple forms.

    Thank you very much for all your assistance!

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    Good day!

    While you may do this and it is a matter of programming and adding an additional item to the basket, this is not authorized by Visa & MasterCard. What other companies do is out of the scope of Visa & MC regulations.

    The only industry that is allowed to charge extra for covering the processing fee is the rental payments. Visa & MC reserve the right to cancel the merchant account should this be charged. Also the mandates is for "convenient fee" which is a fixed amount and by law can't be a percent since people are not convenienced more or less based on the amount they pay.

    While we can't provide you with code to do this but adding a single item as ItemName2, etc. to include a second line item called "Convenience Fee" is possible.
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