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Need help to make our page work with C&P

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  • Need help to make our page work with C&P

    Warning, I am not a techy and even posting on a technical site is a bit intimidating. I have a volunteers (Matt) who has created a beautiful page for us to use as our donation page, but we keep getting errors. HELP if you can!

    We are done with our new giving page, but we are getting some errors and we need some information from C&P in order to “go live”.

    We have a secure (SSL) dedicated URL hosted with Blue Host:

    The form in working well and all our links are updated.

    We have three response pages for the following responses:


    However, when attempting to do a donation, we are receiving an error code:

    As far as we can tell this is an error from Click & Pledge. Tech support has informed us that they "don't support the FAAS form because of the HTML Coding as well as the time it takes our programmers to dive into the code and see what else is in the code.” They recommended I post a question to the Forum since they know we don't have any more money to pay.

    We need help to “connect the dots” from our page to C&P terminal. Even if there is a link to a “how to” or “check list” document/video that someone would use to finalize the a page such as ours.

    We have maxed out our technical abilities and are not clear what the error is from. The current giving page (C&P template at: is ascetically unacceptable. We are hoping to get a resolution quick. Thanks for your willingness to consider helping us to the next level.

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    Good day!

    Take a look at the link you sent us:

    HTML Code:
    The parameter called "err"

    err= The%2520basket%2520is%2520empty

    remove the %2520 and you will see: The basket is empty

    This means the ItemName is blank or the quantity is 0 meaning nothing is being posted as the item name.

    I suggest you change your form post method to: and see the parameters you are posting to us.

    I am sure you will see that ItemName is empty.

    I did not see the form so I can't review your code. I am sure if you review your code you will see that ItemName is empty or your quantity is 0.

    Let me know if this works.
    Click & Pledge Support Department

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      THANK YOU! I have passed on this message to our volunteer "coding dude" and we will take it to the next level. I appreciate it!


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        Coding dude's reply:

        Okay, I added a hidden input, "Quantity" with a value of "1". Now we're seeing this (I made it more readable):
 Error&The 'urn:APISchema.xsd:ExpirationDate' element is invalid - The value '10/2016' is invalid according to its datatype 'String' - The Pattern constraint failed.&hashresponse=ZGEzOWEzZWU1ZTZiNGJkMzI1NWJmZ WY5NTYwMTg5MGFmZDg3OQ==&RefID=EternalImpact

        However, I'm posting ExpirationMonth=10, and ExpirationYear=2016, which should be fine according to the documentation.


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          Good day!

          Is there anyway we can see the form? We need to review the code.

          The error message is clear- the date format is invalid. We just have to see how you are doing it.

          Since the error is pre-post considering the XML error, there are no records we can review. If a post is ill-formed we reject it and as such we have no record of it.

          You may want to ask your developer to continue this communication to save time in getting this resolved.
          Click & Pledge Support Department

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            Thanks for your reply and your assistance!

            I have asked Matt (our volunteer developer) to sign up for the forum so we do not have to go through the "middle man" (me).

            Here is his reply to your last inquiry:

            I just registered for the forums, but won't be able to post a question until they activate my account (probably in the morning, I'm guessing). In the meantime, I've attached some stuff for them to look at, if you want to pass it on. I probably wouldn't get back to it until after work tomorrow.
            Several images from their "Verify.faas..." page
            URL & query string that results when I try a real payment (with same data)
            default.html (aka the form, aka the code)
            It sure looks like we're submitting a two-digit "ExpirationMonth" and a four-digit "ExpirationYear", which shouldn't cause an error.

            He also sent a folder with various files in them and I did not know how to post files through the forum, so I am saving them in my public Dropbox and will put the URL here to the Dropbox.

            THANK YOU!


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              Good day!

              We reviewed your code and realized that you are passing a 4 digit year (YYYY) which is incorrect. The API only access 2 digit year (YY).

              Please try it and let us know if you still experience problem.
              Click & Pledge Support Department

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                Question about our donation page



                The problem my Faas form is having on the transmission of data is this: Seeing the information pass in the xml location on the C&P Data record. Please let me know if there is special code to send the data in the dataxml section of the record that needs to be included on the Faas form.

                My page code is attached.

                THANK YOU!
                Attached Files
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                  Good day!

                  Any code that posts to the API will post to C&P Data if your account is connected to Salesforce.

                  Have you done any test transactions with this form? If so please give us the Order Number so we can review the transaction.

                  Is this form posted anywhere? We cannot host your form due to our security policy so we have to test it while on your site.
                  Click & Pledge Support Department

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                    Dear Support,

                    Here are the replies to your two questions:
                    1) We sent the URL for the page in the last post... Form is active and secure at

                    2) We have tested it multiple times. Here are a few examples...
                    Order Numbers:

                    The data (fields) we are not seeing is the "designation" sections (see area circled in red on attached screen shot).

                    We look forward to your reply and resolution. THANKS!!

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 12.48.43 PM.jpg
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                      Good day!

                      Sorry for the delay in responding to this post. You had requested a pull from the main primary database of the XML posts and that takes a little time. Requesting such information requires several departments to retrieve the info.

                      The section in red is related to the custom questions & answers that you are posting to the API.

                      If this is not right I suggest you use to post and see what you are actually posting. The URL is for verification and shows you all items you are posting. In reviewing your code there is a lot of scripts that opens and closes various fields and those are not things we really get into to debug scripts.

                      I hope the following helps you identify the bug.

                      Here is your XML from one of your transactions: [Please note that we have replaced PII data with ****'s to protect the privacy of the information]

                      <?xml version="1.0"?>
                      <CnPAPI xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns="urn:APISchema.xsd">
                      <BillingMI />
                      <BillingAddress1>11468 *******</</BillingAddress1>
                      <BillingCity>Happy Valley</BillingCity>
                      <FieldValue>Special Projects for Missio Dei</FieldValue>
                      <ThirdParty />
                      <SKU />
                      <Campaign />
                      <NotificationEmail />
                      Click & Pledge Support Department

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