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  • error email sent to donor

    One of our donors was sent a Click and Pledge error message. This is very unprofessional and an inappropriate way to report error messages. Why was this sent to our donor?!

    Here follows the email they sent to us:

    Hey J____,

    I went to go make a donation on the website today, and it said my card was declined...which I would have no idea why that is. SO, I tried to refresh and run it again, but this is the message it sent me:

    Dear Customer
    It appears that your last operation has caused a fatal error in our system. Our programming team has received details of the error and will investigate the source shortly.

    You will be notified by email when the error is fixed. We apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused and will make every effort to fix the error as soon as possible.


    Support Department
    [ ]
    P: 540.961.9811, Toll Free: 866.WWW.CLICK (999.2542)

    Anyway, I hope I didn't break something...and that I didn't get charged multiple times! If you have a way of looking to see if any of what I tried to do went through, that would be great!

    Thanks J____!

    [Contact information removed]

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    Good day!

    We have absolutely no email that looks like this. The text you are providing is shown when an error occurs in one of our checkout pages that is not handled.

    We reviewed all your transactions and all payments are coming through the API form so we have absolutely no idea how the end user may have seen that page.

    Do you know where the patron has seen this message? This is not an email this is a web page that shows up when an error occurs which is not handled or is unexpected.
    Click & Pledge Support Department

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      I think I found the source of this error. I recreated it by using the EFT portion of our donation page: I've been studying the difference between this version of our form, the previous version, and the samples on the website. The only difference I have found is that our developer used different id attributes for the CC and EFT radio buttons. In the Click and Pledge field specification, it doesn't talk about a requirement for the 'id' attribute. Can your developers check this out, please?


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        I used the verify tool ( and found that we had a bug in our code that messed up the EFT check number. Strange that it caused an obscure error message, but at least it's working now.