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Where to find definitions and SF mappings of custom CNP fields?

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  • Where to find definitions and SF mappings of custom CNP fields?


    I am using Click and Pledge (CNP) with Salesforce.
    In my donation form, there is a field named FieldValue3401,
    which looks like a custom Click and Pledge field.

    That custom field denotes "Honoree".

    1. Where can I find the definition of this CNP field? I can't find it anywhere when I login to my CNP portal.

    2. Where can I find the mapping of this CNP field to a Salesforce field?


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    Good day!

    May I ask what you mean by "my donation form". Where is this donation form? Please post its link so I can review the form.

    Based on what you are describing the form is a custom form and questions and answers are paired as FieldName & FieldValue.

    In Salesforce you may map them through the C&P Settings > Custom Questions

    In mapping you don't need the HTML field names, e.g. FieldValue3401 but you need the Questions. For example:

    - Question: Who is your employer
    - Answer: Click & Pledge

    In the C&P Settings > Custom Question you will choose the following:

    click to enlarge.
    Click image for larger version

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    You may also replace an answer with another text in "real-time". For example:

    A field in the Contact, Account, or Opportunity may be set such as: Status

    Your question is: Are you a member?
    The answer may be: Yes or No

    But you want to use Member & Non-Member for Status

    In the above scenario you will use the Replace Text with Member if the Answer is YES

    Text matching is not case sensitive so YES, Yes, yes, yeS, yEs are all the same.

    I hope the above answers your question.
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      Thanks for the reply. I have a better idea about the relationship between the CNP fields and Salesforce fields now.

      For example, if I build a donation form containing the following Visualforce snippet:
      <input name="FieldName3401" type="hidden" value="Honoree">
      <label for="FieldValue3401">Honoree/Memorial Name:</label>
      <input name="FieldValue3401" size="40" type="text">

      As I understand, this is how I cause the Custom Question named Honoree to be captured into Salesforce upon form submission:
      In Salesforce's CNP Settings > Custom Question Mapping, I would map the appropriate Salesforce field, say, Opportunity > Honoree Name to "If the question is Honoree".
      Is my understanding correct?

      If so, I have 2 questions:

      Q1: Is FieldName number arbitrary?
      The above snippet is from some example code.
      What puzzles me is the trailing 3401 in the FieldName.
      Is that number arbitrary, in that I can randomly choose any number, or does special care need to be taken to choose the number?

      Q2: How to create Custom Question in CNP and make it available in Salesforce to perform the Custom Question Mapping?