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  • Donation page not processing

    Hi, we are having trouble processing certain donations through our donation page. It is unusual because some donations are going through fine but there have been two instances in which the donor was not able to process a donation with a credit card. We think it may have to do with the type of card, but we are not sure. The donation page is Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

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    ORG ID: 00Di0000000cTOh


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      Good day!

      May I ask what you mean by "was not able to process"? are you saying the card is being declined or they are getting error? not sure what we should look for.

      Your form is an API form that you have developed so we need to know exactly what the issue is we are looking for. Do you have decline messages or possibly the date and a first name and last initial- we need to be able to look for something.

      BTW- this issue is not related to Salesforce and I am moving the thread to the FaaS form channel.
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        Hi , the message that shows is Oops! Something went wrong, and your donation was declined. Please try again or try to donate using a different card or method.
        Thank you for your support!

        There was a Noelle Nelson, who said she repeatedly tried her credit card which she said had been accepted other places and it would be declined on our page.