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Card declined in web form, successful via VT in SF

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  • Card declined in web form, successful via VT in SF

    Donor attempted to make a donation today via our web form but received an error message and called us. I attempted to charge the card via the same web form and received the following error message

    "Transaction Declined

    Unfortunately there has been an error completing the transaction. Please use the back button on your browser and verify your payment details and try again."

    I tried two different credit cards from the donor and received the same message.

    I looked in the CnP portal and there was no record of the decline.

    I tried to charge the first card again, this time through the virtual terminal in Salesforce. The card was charged successfully.

    Now we are worried there is a problem with our web form. Can you look at it?

    You have access to our instance, org # 00Dd0000000i8lD


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    Good day!

    We reviewed your account and saw a few declines by the bank but yours were declined because of your IP address was blacklisted due to high fraud score.

    We strongly recommend that organizations whitelist their respective IP address since repeated attempts from the same IP will increase the fraud score and over time it may trigger the fraud block.

    To whitelist specific IP or emails please see:

    We removed your IP's and emails from the blacklist.

    Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.
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      Thanks so much!

      One more question:

      Why was the card declined initially when the donor attempted from their IP address?